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Volunteers are absolutely critical to the operation and success of what we do at RDA Carine. 

We simply cannot run lessons without volunteer support staff, we cannot provide a successful horse management program and we cannot maintain our grounds without them.  Volunteers are essential and we always need more.

We therefore welcome volunteers from all walks of life aged from 14 years and over. Everyone has something they can offer.

It is not necessary for volunteers to have had experience with horses. We put a lot of effort into training and maintaining training levels as part of our ongoing certification programs. Training is generally provided by a qualified coach or experienced volunteer.

Our Centre deals with large animals and often clients who may display unpredictable behavior so it is imperative that our volunteers are able to :

  • Work on their own without constant supervision
  • Physically capable of performing tasks including lifting heavy equipment such as saddles, horse blankets etc.
  • Have a genuine desire to work with people who may have any type of disability including intellectual or physical.
  • Show initiative in the work place and are willing to follow instructions.
  • Are committed and willing to give our clients the best possible experience.
  • Confident and comfortable working with horses.
  • Assist in all areas of cleaning, including picking up horse manure, sweeping up, cleaning tack, keeping the kitchen clean etc.
  • Work in inclement weather conditions, including heat/rain etc.  

RDA Carine provides a smoke free environment and volunteers are required to provide a police clearance and in most cases a Working With Children clearance certificate, both of which the Centre can help to obtain.

If you are interested in volunteering with RDA Carine, please click here or email rdacarine@bigpond.com