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Our Programs

The following are examples of the types of programs currently being offered by RDA Carine. Programs do however sometimes change so it may be advisable to contact the Centre to see what programs are available at any particular time.

All the programs are structured programs developed under national accreditation guidelines and are delivered under nationally accredited RDA Coaches.

Horse Riding

Our riding programs teach riders with disabilities how to ride a horse. Structured programs conducted under the instruction of accredited RDA coaches with the assistance of trained volunteers and accredited horses provides individuals with both physical and emotional rewards. The riding programs are designed to encourage participation and centres work with individuals to achieve a range of outcomes and goals designed to develop their abilities and enrich their lives.


Vaulting is defined as gymnastics or dance on a moving horse. Vaulting is an integrated program and provides participants with further opportunities for increased personal and physical development and social inclusion.


The key factor in Hippotherapy is the three-dimensional movement of the walking horse. Trained physical therapists, occupational therapists, or speech/language pathologists work with a team of highly trained volunteers to utilise the movement of the horse as a therapy tool to achieve functional goals for people with disabilities.

Ready Set Trot

Ready Set Trot is a fun program designed by Equestrian Australia to encourage new participants to get involved in equestrian activities. Ready Set Trot provides an introduction to the world of horses, teaching basic horse skills and horse awareness within a safe and fun setting.

RDA Carine provides the ideal environment for beginner riders to develop basic horse skills and to provide a pathway to more learning opportunities, volunteering with RDA or starting their lifelong interest in horses. The program is perfectly suitable for beginners.

Leading Reins Corporate Training

Horses and ponies naturally work as a team where each individual horse matters. Within a herd, cooperation and harmony are preferable to conflict and confrontation. The horses always look for leadership and effective teamwork.  These characteristics can be learned and adopted to the corporate environment.

Leading Reins Corporate Training has been designed by RDA Carine to provide the corporate sector an opportunity for a powerful learning experience for professionals interested in leadership and self-development. Through facilitated interactions with horses your team will have the opportunity to experience the power of non-verbal communication, recognizing signs and threats, develop intuition skills and identifying and respecting individual roles, responsibilities and accountabilities within a team.  Horses have a natural ability to read human nature through body language – a skill and learned behaviour that you can adapt to the office environment.

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