Teno Phoenix Percy Paddington Pablo Monty Levi Kiwi
Teno Phoenix Percy Paddington Pablo Monty Levi Kiwi

Horses Currently in the Carine Program Include:

PhoenixMini19 PabloClydesdale X TB19
BlueArabian Pony15 FlashBuckskin Pony15
Jay JayClydesdale X Paint15 PaddingtonClydesdale X TB10
LeviWelsh/Clydesdale  X17 AnnieClydesdale X20
DuskPercheron X TB29 TenoHaflinger29
MontyWarm Blood25 KiwiStandard Breed11
PercyAustralian Pony19 UtahQuarterhorse22

Our Horses
RDA Carine horses are specially selected for temperament and conformation, and specifically trained to work with people who have disabilities. Each horse undergoes specific training before they are accredited to be used in the RDA programme enjoyment of working with horses is an integral part of our programs. Most sessions involve basic instruction in horse management, this encourages participants to respect and be considerate of other beings and motivates them to participate. It is also possible that a participant may be offered a program that concentrates solely on unmounted activities with our horses.

Matching Participant and Horse
The care and wellbeing of participants and horses is of utmost importance to RDA Carine. We strive to provide the best carewe can for our horses. One aspect of this is the consideration we give to the amount of weight we ask our horses to carry. Itis not just the weight of an individual participant that we take into account, but other factors such as the age, fitness,soundness, and conformation of the horse. Factors including whether a rider has unsteady balance, sits crookedly, or has low muscle tone must be taken into account, as all these things can cause a rider to be harder for the horse to carry. RDA Carine coaches continually monitor the suitability of a horse and participant combination, and there may come a time when a participant must cease riding a particular horse. We will endeavour to find a suitable replacement but, unfortunately we can’t guarantee it as there are many issues involved with selecting a suitable horse for individual participants. Where a suitable horse cannot be found, a participant may be required to exit our riding program.