Committee Members

Ian Stuart – President

Ian joined RDA Carine as President in November 2020. Ian and his family live locally in Carine and have passed the RDA Carine facility in the Carine open space many times and long admired the community work it does and looks forward to helping RDA Carine as best he can.

Ian is a geologist by profession with experience in both the finance industry and mining. He has worked in natural resources throughout Australasia, South America and Africa. He is currently the chairman of a publicly listed gold copper explorer Bryah Resources Limited and a director of a private natural resource project generation company.

Ian grew up with a long association with horses including endurance riding and working with Clydesdales.

Nadia Aurisch – Vice President

Nadia, a Marine Scientist and parent of a rider at RDA Carine was happy to take on the role as Vice-President of the organisation.  Nadia’s daughter has attended the RDA Carine centre for 18 months so she saw the role as a great opportunity for her to support the amazing work that RDA do!

In her spare time, Nadia enjoys camping, gardening and looking at ways to protect the environment.

Russell Lamb – Treasurer

Russell was recently appointed as the Treasurer of RDA Carine however he has been supporting his wife, Sarah Lamb, for over 11 years at RDA Carine. He was lucky enough to be asked to Master of Ceremony at State vaulting competitions for a number of years. On a Saturday morning, you can find Russell helping with the feeds for the Saturday lessons.  Russell joined the Association to make a difference, to enable his skills to be used for the benefit of a very worthwhile organization.

Russell is an engineer by training but worked with a global professional services firm for over 14 years in London, Singapore and Perth assisting clients procure large scale infrastructure. He joined the Water Corporation 4 years ago to evaluate commercial opportunities for the Corporation.

Russell enjoys keeping fit, running, swimming and doing Jacobs Ladder. Early on a Sunday morning you can find him on Jacobs Ladder with his daughter. He also enjoys woodworking; producing furniture, tools and toys.

Joan Douglas – Secretary

Joan, a long serving volunteer, has been with RDA Carine for over 9 years.  Joan is currently pursuing her Level “O” Coach and Trainee Level 1 Coach at RDA Carine.

Her career background in Administration gave her the skill set to undertake the Secretariat role on the RDA Carine committee.  Joan was keen to get involved in the committee as she wanted to assist in the associations growth and development phase.

In her spare time, Joan enjoys Tai Chi and reading anything “horsey”.

Nicola Shearman – Committee Member

Nicola joined as a volunteer of RDA Carine only recently.  For the past 13 ½ years, she was the WA State Manager for a Travel Insurance Company looking after the travel industry, however due to the pandemic, this position came to an end.  Before working in the travel industry, Nicola worked for a hire company and ground staff at Perth Airport and also working for Local Government.

Her interests is with horses, Reiki and Intuitive Arts.

Nicola joined the committee as she felt it was a wonderful organisation. She loves coming to volunteer and spend time with the riders and horses.  Nicola feels that we are very lucky to have such an amazing organisation in Carine.

Hannah Edmondson – Committee Member

Hannah contacted RDA Carine as soon as she got her daughters diagnosis.  She was really keen for her to participate in therapeutic horse riding as she is from a horsey family and her mum used to volunteer at the local RDA in the UK, so Hannah was well aware of the benefits. Hannah was so pleased when they were offered a spot at RDA Carine.  Now that they are part of this community it seemed natural to step up and be more actively involved to ensure the long term viability of the service and support the staff to create the best environment for all involved, the riders, staff, volunteers and of course the horses. 

Hannah worked for social organisations in the UK coordinating support for vulnerable community members. Hannah also taught English in Tokyo for 4 years, inspired by a volunteer stint teaching English in Nepal during a gap year. Hannah has been working in tertiary education in Perth for past 7 years, currently on maternity leave from UWA.

Hannah’s interests include her love for horses having grown up around them, she went through Pony Club in the UK, cross country, show jumping and endurance riding.  In addition, Hannah considers travelling as a big part of her life.  She has had several “gap years” and travelled extensively.  She used to enjoy scuba diving, snowboarding and trekking but life is a lot more settled these days looking after her two young daughters.

Anne Morrell – Committee Member

Anne has been a volunteer of RDA Carine for 12 years.  Anne also has 35 years’ experience as a Primary school teacher, first in the UK and the last 16 years at Marmion Primary School.

Anne enjoys the Gym – fitness classes and yoga, walking, camping, learning the piano, reading and travel (when we can!).

Anne joined the committee as she felt that having been a volunteer at Carine for so long, she felt it was time to get more involved and be a part of the centre as it moves forward into an exciting future.

Andrea Shaik – Committee Member

Andrea, a long serving volunteer of 9 years and qualified Level O coach training to be a Level 1 has enjoyed every day of her involvement with RDA Carine.  Andrea, a trainee veterinary nurse aspiring to soon be an Emergency Critical Nurse brings her expertise and experience with horses to the organisation.

Andrea’s interests include horse riding, going hiking, kick boxing and looking after many rescue animals that have followed her home from work.

Andrea joined the RDA committee to help make a difference and support the center as much as she can. As she has been volunteering for so long, Andrea felt the next step was to get more involved on a committee level to contribute as well to learn from the experience.

Jenny Forward – Committee Member

Jenny has been involved with RDA Carine for 8 years.  Jenny chose to be a stay-at-home Mum to her two beautiful children.  Before parenthood, she spent 15 years working at CSIRO as researcher in multiple fields, including satellite remote sensing for mine site rehabilitation, micro-prospecting for gold, pearl analysis, entomology and agricultural research.

Jenny enjoys spending time with her husband and children, pet rescue (fostering dogs, birds and guinea pigs), horse-riding, gardening, sewing and crafts, photography and driving her 1969 VW Beetle.

As a Volunteer and trainee level 0 Coach. Jenny looks forward to many more years involved with RDA Carine.

Julia Palmer – Committee Member

Julia is also a long serving volunteer for approximately 5 years but recently was appointed to serve on the committee.  Julia is also a horse masseuse.

Julia’s career background has been extensive as a Registered Nurse/Midwife for 18 years, Cultured Pearl Technician – grading and setting, Remedial Massage Therapist, Seasonal Farmhand – tractor driving and Health Support Worker, part time.

Julia enjoys gardening, catching up with friends, she is a novice horse rider, reading and holidaying!!

Julia’s reasons for joining the committee was to be pivotal in seeing RDA Carine develop into the best organization that it can be.